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Welcome to 6th grade math!


 A glance into Ms. Nalley's class

- Category weights:

Major Assessments (Tests/Projects) - 50%

Minor Assessments (Quizzes) - 30%

Independent Practice (Classwork/Homework) - 20%

- Homework:

Rework problems completed in class to check for understanding.

- Retake Policy:

Quizzes: Students are given a 3 week time span to make corrections on any quizzes they have taken. Corrections consist of re-working the problem for correctness and then explaining, in complete sentences, why they got the problem wrong the first time. 

Tests: If a student wants to retake a test, they must complete a remediation assignment, turn it in and then schedule a time with Ms. Nalley (before school or during lunch) to take the re-test.


- Up coming assessments:

Core 1-3:

Percent Picture (quiz) Friday, 10/6

Number Line Project (test) Tuesday, 10/17

Coordinate Grid Test Wednesday, 10/25

Number System Unit Test (essential standrds only) Monday, 10/30

Number System Unit Test Retake Thursday, 11/02


Core 4:

Rational Decimal Quiz Friday, 10/13

Rational Fraction and Decimal Test Tuesday, 10/17

Number System Unit Test (essential standrds only) Wednesday, 10/25

Number System Unit Test Retake Monday, 10/30




"Don't forget to be awesome" - Anonymous

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